Things are ‘Made in the USA’ Again

    By Elizabeth Smith | Small Business

    Things are ‘Made in the USA’ Again image usa tag 400 300x186made in america tagGreat news for patriots everywhere – things are finally being made in the USA again!

    Great! What things?

    Actually, the same things that have always been made in the USA. Things like Tervis tumblers, Unionwear apparel and Fiestaware. Better yet, a whole new crop of newer businesses are growing based on the fact that every product they sell is manufactured right here in the United States, CNBC reports. Most of the newer businesses are for boutique products made and marketed locally, such as a beard care line based in Nashville and a dog biscuit brand out of San Luis Obispo, but old standards like Unionwear are still going strong. In fact, Unionwear owner Mitch Cahn told NBC news that he has had a whole host of new customers calling him.

    The fact that more consumers are seeking out American-made products in greater numbers is a good thing for business owners like you. It shows that consumers are willing to pay a little bit more for the knowledge that their products were made here in the USA. That means that they will be willing to pay a little bit more for your products and services – as long as you capitalize on the fact that your products were made here.

    End of an Outsourcing Era?

    The shift back to treasuring American-made goods comes in the wake of several horrific disasters in apparel factories overseas. Coupled with the public’s strong desire to see the American economy rise again, many consumers are scouting out products that were made in the USA, even if they cost a bit more. Even Walmart is making an effort to carry more domestically made goods in stores. Ultimately, your customers want to be able to buy things without having to wonder if a small child made it for just pennies a day.

    The newly reinvigorated passion for domestic products is great for businesses. Forecasters predict that labor costs in China are going to rise over the next ten to fifteen years, which means that the country will no longer be the bastion of cheap manufacturing that it once was. If the cost of Chinese labor rises too steeply, it will no longer be cost-efficient for companies to ship their manufacturing jobs overseas. Between the costs and the human rights issues involved, there is no mystery as to why American consumers are supporting domestic products with renewed vigor.

    For Your Business

    If your business is not already manufacturing domestically, maybe now is the time you should start. If your business already makes its products in the United States, now is a great time to take advantage of that fact in your marketing. When you are reminding potential customers that your products are American-made, be sure to be clear without being cheesy. Phony patriotism will turn your customers off, even if you have a great product.

    The fact that consumers are seeking out American products with renewed intensity is a great thing for all businesses. As an American business owner, you should take advantage of this passion by cleverly marketing the fact that you are a domestic or local business. With the patriotic summer holidays upon us, why not have a sale to capitalize on your company’s patriotic support of the American economy? Your customers will love it and so will you.

    Have you had success with American-made products or is the cost of manufacturing too great?

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