Themed party packages delivered to the door

Picnic organizers have already had some help from Amsterdam-based startup Butler for Hire, which provides assistance in setting up and serving guests. Now Postbox Party in the UK is offering themed packages that aim to include everything else hosts may need for a picnic, or other events and parties.

The enterprise currently provides eight different Ready to Go boxes, which include both essential items and fun extras adhering to themes such as Christmas Time, Day Of The Dead, Picnic Party, Lovely Ladies and Jolly Gents. Each set contains items such as paper plates, plastic glasses, cake stands, ribbons, balloons and photo props. The startup also offers bespoke packages that can be arranged over phone or email. The basic pre-picked boxes cost GBP 79 and cater for a party of eight, while a set for 32 people is priced at GBP 109.

The service aims to make planning a party, which can be a stressful experience, more easy as well as fun. Are there any other innovative services to take the pressure off event hosts?


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