Ten unmissable gadgets from this weekend's Gadget Show Live

As Christmas approaches, we checked out the latest dazzling tech and gadgets on show at Earl's Court

Christmas is now a mere seven weeks away, and with it comes the now seasonal splurge on sensational new technology. This weekend, geeks, gamers and just about everyone else are descending on Earl's Court in West London to get a look at the latest top-of-the-range technology.

Here are Yahoo's picks of the ten unmissable displays on show this weekend, from new consoles to smart TVs - with some special attractions unique to the Gadget Show.

Playstation 4
The Playstation stand is unmissable, occupying a third of the entire gaming zone. As well as a host of new PS3 and Vita titles available to play, Sony has laid on twenty-odd PS4s for gamers to get an early look at some of the launch titles. Killzone Shadow Fall, Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag and Flower all looked tip-top.
The PlayStation 4 will be available in the UK on November 29
Xbox One
Microsoft wouldn't be fool enough to miss a chance to get its new console in front of gamers, but it has taken a much more low-key presence than Sony this weekend. Still, there are 6 brand new Xbox One units up and running - nothing with Kinect though. Fifa 14 looked pin-sharp (finally football games are getting to the stage where you can tell players apart at a glance) and the console debut for Zoo Tycoon also looked surprisingly intuitive. The Xbox One will hit the high street in the UK and 12 other countries on November 22

The Cobra uses a curved mirror and dome-shaped screen to create an …Cobra Simulation
Formula 1 simulators are so omnipresent at shows like these that the high-pitched exhaust notes lingers wherever you go like an angry bluebottle.

Ignore the razzmatazz of Vodafone's '5D simulator', which felt like a turbulent RyanAir flight with a toddler kicking your chair, and check out Simulation Display's Cobra simulator, which uses a £25,000 projector and a parabolic mirror, together with a racing chair and gaming PC, to put you behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car.

Such are the demands of keeping up a modern social media presence that it can be hard to actually involve yourself in whatever you're doing in between uploading pictures of you doing it to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the rest. Autographer is a wearable camera that can be programmed to take a number of pictures throughout the day, using built-in sensors to identify changes in your surroundings. It links via Bluetooth to your phone, so you can decide later which ones to keep or publish. The Autographer can clip into a pocket or be worn around the neck with a strap

As you'd expect, Sony has a big stand with plenty to show off. But the main attraction is a scuba diver in a tank - there to demonstrate their range of waterproof phones, the new Xperia Z.

Scuba diver testing Sony Xperia Z phone

Beamz by Flo (as in US rapper Flo Rida) is a laser-based musical interface - what that means in practice is that you only have to wave your hands through the two gaps in the frame-like player to create a sound, like DJ-ing in thin air. Each laser beam represents a looped musical sample, which you activate by breaking the beam. The device comes with an iPad app and a library of music which you can use to create your own songs.

The red lines show where the laser beams are - pass your hands through them to make a sound

Oculus Rift
The Oculus Rift isn't on sale yet, and won't be until next year at least. This isn't an official showing, but an enterprising piece of promotion from mobile insurance firm Protect Your Bubble. They admit that the one thing has nothing to do with the other, but it's a great chance for you to see the future of immersive gaming visuals - the Rift puts you in a 3D world better than any goggle-and-screen setup can muster.

The future of gaming or something much more?
The big M has plenty of wares to display - tablets and PCs from Acer, Tosiba, Lenovo and more (including the new Surface 2 tablet) and the new Nokia Lumia handsets. But the best thing they're offering at the Gadget Show is a 3D-printed model of your own head, scanned with an Xbox Kinect unit, rendered using a powerful Alienware laptop, and printed with a Replicator Makerbot.

Microsoft is using 3D printers and the Kinect to create models of visitors heads this weekend

SmartBelThe Smartbel - external and internal units
Yet another step in the inexorable march of the connected home. The SmartBel took the humble doorbell and decided it would be an awful lot better if it were hooked up to a Sim-enabled unit capable of calling your mobile when someone rings your doorbell.

The idea being that you'll never miss deliveries while you're at work - but we must admit, there are some physical barriers that just can't be surmounted. Yet.

Samsung OLED TV
You'll be overwhelmed by fancy TVs and displays everywhere you look at the Gadget Show. But only one can display two images at once, both in full 1080p HD. You have to wear 'active shutter' glasses, but Samsung's curved OLED screen is so sharp and so fast that you'll be totally unaware that your other half is watching Downton while you play Call of Duty.

Samsung's 55-inch curved TV can display two channels at once. It's on sale now for £6,999.99.

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