Telepresence robot enables remote patient-doctor relationship

    By Tom | Small Business

    Connecting patients with doctors virtually is territory that startups such as Hello Health and Carena have already stepped into through video calling. Now InTouch Health is taking that concept back into the hospital with its RP Vita telepresence robot, enabling doctors to monitor and attend to patients in a different part of the building.

    The robot includes a camera and a screen, allowing two-way interaction between patients and doctors. Controlled through a specially-created iPad app, the robot can be directed to specific points in the hospital. It uses state-of-the-art navigation technology to move around buildings while avoiding those moving around it. Doctors can check up on patients to see how they are doing and provide assistance if necessary. Through InTouch Health’s TeleStroke and TeleICU platorms, patients can also gain access to experts in their field of care, who can guide them through necessary exercises and actions for recovery. The system also allows for conference calls so that multiple medical staff can interact with the patient at the same time. InTouch Health recently won clearance from the Food and Drug Administration to bring the device into hospitals.

    The RP Vita could make dealing with urgent patient consultations easier for health professionals, potentially saving lives in the process. Are there other industries that could benefit from telepresence devices?


    Spotted by: Lily Dixon

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