Telepathy One: Meet the Newest Google Glass Competitor

    By Joe Hewitson | Small Business

    Telepathy One: Meet the Newest Google Glass Competitor image telepathyTelepathy One: Meet the Newest Google Glass Competitor

    Competition is already heating up in the wearable tech market, and a Google Glass competitor has stepped into the ring. Takahito Iguchi — a self-proclaimed augmented reality entrepreneur — has introduced his own take on smart eyewear, the Telepathy One.

    Iguchi’s device aims to separate itself from the crowd by providing a sleeker design with a more palatable price tag. Despite the differences in aesthetics, both devices are built to provide hands-free consumption and creation of real-time information, better known as “life logging.”

    Same goal, divergent paths

    Hardware-wise, Telepathy takes a very different approach. Rather than mimic your average pair of bifocals like Google Glass, Iguchi looked to sci-fi for his product design. The result is a halo-shaped frame that wraps around the back of your head and stays put with the help of in-ear headphones.

    But aesthetics aren’t the only area where Google Glass and Telepathy One diverge. Iguchi decided to forgo the onboard computing power of Glass, focusing instead on greater cooperation between the Telepathy One and other mobile devices. By letting smartphones and tablets shoulder the application processing load, Telepathy can offer a physically and financially lighter product.

    The initial developer-only version of Google Glass sold for $1500, and even though Google promises the consumer unit will be less expensive, casual buyers will certainly think twice before forking over anywhere near four figures for a set of lensless specs. If Telepathy can significantly undercut Google Glass, they may stand a fighting chance in the wearables market.

    Overcoming the app divide

    Of course, without strong developer backing, the price difference may not be enough to break into this young market. If there’s one thing we’ve learned from the smartphone era, it’s that consumers buy into an app ecosystem much more so than the device itself. The Telepathy One has its work cut out for it in this area, especially considering Android’s pre-existing system of developers.

    But don’t be so quick to count the Japanese upstart out. With Iguchi being an app developer himself, the Telepathy One is starting off in good hands and should find itself holding some exclusive first-party apps.

    The future of mobile technology

    While no hard release date has been set for Google Glass or its competitor, Iguchi plans to get the device into your hand’s before 2014. However, he hasn’t said much about where the device will be available if Telepathy hits their time frame. Given Iguchi’s recent product showcases in New York and Mountain View, it’s safe to assume the Telepathy One will eventually make its way to our shores.

    Regardless, the introduction of such an intriguing and well-thought-out Google Glass competitor shows the market for wearable technology is growing. Where this will lead is still anyone’s guess, but the trend of tech becoming an “extension of ourselves” is clearly here to stay.

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