Technology…Would You Give it Up for 90 Days for Millions?

    By Debbie Harris | Small Business

    Technology…what are your thoughts about giving it up for 90 days to acquire millions? What am I talking about?  Recently, I saw a post on Facebook that suggested people give up their technology for 90 days to win 3 million dollars.  That meant no cell phones, computers or tablets.  No Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and on and on and on.  No email, no voice mail, no phone apps like Starbucks or Shazam or Facebook Messenger or any other applications.  Basically, you are going into technology withdrawal cold turkey for three months.  Hmmm…..and 3 million on the other end.

    I read through the list of comments posted on that Facebook post and chuckled at many of them. Everyone who commented was totally in favor of giving up their technology for the 90 days to acquire the big cash payout at the end.  I could tell that a good portion of the commenting audience was my age, in their 50’s, as they alluded to days gone by when there was no such technology to give up.  For some reason this post and this “offer” stayed with me and I thought about it for days.  Of course, I wasn’t taking the whole thing very seriously but it did make me wonder if I would give it all up for 90 days for 3 million dollars.

    My answer was emphatically NO!  I know, when I tell people this they look at me a little askew and wonder if I’ve completely lost my mind.  I don’t think so and I’ll be the first to admit that when I go away on our Rotary Youth Leadership weekends, I am off the grid for 3-4 days and love every moment of it. That is 3-4 days and I’m very much enjoying being in the moment with amazing teenagers.

    Giving up technology for 90 days does not appeal to me.  I cannot imagine that all those comments about “we didn’t have it growing up so it would be great to give it up” are actually true.  We now live in a world where immediacy, communication and information are part of our daily lives.  They are, in my opinion, as natural to us (even those of us my age) as brushing our teeth in the morning.  We collect our Starbucks points, check the weather, schedule our calendars, research information and use social media to connect everyday.  Facebook and Twitter are no longer outside the norm of daily life for most of us.  LinkedIn helps us grow our business.  We are irrevocably connected as the world gets smaller everyday.

    Certainly 3 million dollars to go technology free for 90 days sounds fabulous but I say I’ll pass.  I am very happy with my technology and besides, where exactly would I have to go to give it up?  A cave or maybe a monastery.  What about you?  Would you give up all your technology for 90 days?  I guess you could take your television with you.

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