That is a tasty burger… Film event matches menu with on-screen food

    By Tom | Small Business


    While London’s Electric Cinema has offered a selection of popcorns and snacks inspired by the events on-screen, we’ve now discovered Toronto-based film event Mise, which provides guests with an entire menu of dishes inspired by meals that are eaten by the characters themselves.

    Led by entrepreneur and chef Jenny Chan, the startup aims to give viewers an additional sensory facet to their experience of films they know and love. The first event offered a four-course meal featuring dishes from the movie itself — the 1996 film Big Night, which follows the story of two Italian brothers running a failing restaurant in the US. As the characters on screen wash down a tomato consommé and antipasto sandwich, the audience gets to do the same. So far, Mise has created a menu for both Big Night and the Steve Martin film Planes, Trains and Automobiles, although more events are in the pipeline.

    Cinemagoers have seen numerous efforts to add something new to the film watching experience, and Mise could carve a niche by matching screenings with haute cuisine. Is there anything else that makes for a good pairing with the silver screen?


    Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise

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