Are You Talking To Your Audience, Or Are You Talking To Yourself?

You may blog because you love to write. After all it can be a rewarding and cathartic process.

But one thing you have to understand, is that blogging is not a self-serving activity, or at least it shouldn’t be. Yes, you need to write about your passions, but it needs to be done with your audience fully in mind.

Does your writing pass the sniff test?

Here’s how to know:

You’re Talking Their Language–Your audience may be interested in what you have to say, but let’s face it, they probably don’t have your industry vocabulary. You’ll need to be patient and explain things to them in a way that they’ll understand.

For example, my wife is an ICU nurse. She’ll come home floating her nursing acronyms, and 25 syllable vocabulary words like I’m another coworker standing at the water cooler. When I ask her how her day was, I often need to stop her just as she’s getting ramped up to talk about it. When you blog, you need to make sure that you’re speaking in terms your audience will understand. If you introduce a new term, define it.

Keeping Interest–What has your engagement been like? Do you get customers talking with you about your blogs? Do you get some retweets or social media shares? Writing content that your customers want to share should be a primary goal. Don’t be afraid to ask people for feedback, and utilize it.

Blog Ideas By Popular Demand–One great way to write blog posts that your customers will be interested in is to think about your previous conversations with customers or clients. Is there something they wanted to know that would be of interest to a wider audience? Your blog is a great way to clarify these. If your customers want to know, chances are there’s a wider audience out there Googling the question.

Inviting Engagement–Your readers may not always know what you want them to do. Sometimes you may just have to ask them.

Your blog is your chance to let your voice be heard in your industry. It’s your chance to get your message out, and increase your exposure in the search engines through a more expansive search.

Make sure you’re utilizing the opportunity to connect with your audience.

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