Are Tablets Their Own Channel And Does It Matter?

Are Tablets Their Own Channel And Does It Matter? image monicaAre Tablets Their Own Channel And Does It Matter?

At a Retail Banking conference last year, I attended a session where one of my most admired analysts was on the panel and the discussion was around Digital Channels. One of the hottest topics, no matter what the industry – should banks consider tablets a new channel, are they different from the online channel? Should mobile be considered a separate channel?

Forrester calls tablets cool! In fact, they predict that by the year 2016, 106 million people in the seven major Western European countries will own a tablet, while more than 112 million people will own one in the US1.

The latest research from Javelin Strategy and Research indicates that the tablet users are older; between the ages of 35 to 54, have an average household income of $75,000, and half of them consider themselves to be early adopters.

When compared with mobile banking, statistics show that users spend more time on tablets. It’s not surprising as banks can offer more functionality through the tablet. The tablet automatically has more real estate and hence can offer more functionality – it becomes an extension of the online channel.

The question though is not whether it should be considered a separate channel. However, whether separate or not, the bottom line, from a customer experience point of view, the service has to be consistent, and that is the key – it has to be fully integrated into all the other channels and the interchange between the channels has to be seamless.

As you are defining your digital channel strategy keep the following in mind:

  • Design and navigation are key – keep it simple, crisp and clean
  • Integrate all your channels and make the experience, process and information real-time and consistent
  • Provide the option for customers to engage with humans – yes, it is the digital and social age but there are times that we need to engage with humans, make them available and accessible

To gain a broader perspective on multichannel considerations we encourage you to access our white paper “Solving the Multichannel Customer Care Challenge“.

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