Tablet Technology: Changing the Way We Conduct Research

    By Pete Alexandre | Small Business

    Tablet Technology: Changing the Way We Conduct Research image TabletTablet Technology: Changing the Way We Conduct ResearchTablets have caused a revolution in the technology industry. Not only has the technology itself evolved substantially recently, the way we conduct ourselves as a result of this has too. Now when we design websites, publish blogs and even build online surveys, we have to give consideration to tablet users. This has had some fascinating implications for online surveys.

    Increased in Online Activity

    Tablets are dominating mobile Internet usage. Adobe Digital Index have discovered that global websites get more traffic from tablets than they do smartphones. As well as this, tablet users view 70% more pages when they are browsing online. From this, it’s safe to assume that tablets as a result are encouraging more people to use the Internet more often.

    For online surveys, this means our potential audience and the reach of our online survey has grown too. Now that more people have ease-of-access online, we potentially have more willing participants for our consumer panels and audience samples.

    Tablet User Behaviours

    Adobe’s research concluded that tablets are suited to extended browsing sessions because they allow a user to be far more engaged. Online visits from tablet devices are more in depth and engaging; with video, social networking and online shopping a lot more common now.

    Due to the reduced screen sizes, mobile phone type device interactions are reduced in comparison with the growing tablet usage. With more capabilities and ease of use, tablets allow us as survey creators to build more in depth surveys as the devices allow for such.

    The Bridge Between Paper and Digital

    As was correctly pointed out by Brian Steffens, director of communications at the University of Missouri, tablets provide a bridge between paper and digital as there is a familiarity between the old and new product. We can see this in the popularity of e-books and e-readers.

    The same can also be seen with online surveys. An online survey viewed on a tablet device does pose a distinct resemblance to the traditional paper-based questionnaire. Maintaining the familiarity of the traditional paper-based survey with the accessibility of an tablet is a growing opportunity to extend the reach of online surveys.

    So it’s clear that more people are online more often. Couple this with the usability and familiarity of the tablet format and the potential for online surveys grows exponentially. We have a wider, more engaged audience and our online surveys bear a close resemblance to the paper-based surveys we are familiar with from years of market research. So when designing your next online survey, have you considered checking it is compatible with, and optimized for, those wishing to respond using a tablet device instead of just those using a computer and screen?

    With the coming of tablets, online surveys have a wider reach, and a higher response rate making this an ideal way of carrying out effective market research. If you want more information on online panel surveys, dont hestitate to contact us!

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