Tablet-based video menu lets diners see their meals before ordering

    By Tom | Small Business

    The Thirsty Bear pub in London has already put tablets to use by enabling customers to order drinks on the devices. Now France-based Livmenu is using the same techonology to help diners see each meal being prepared to get a better idea of what it will look like.

    One of the problems with trying a new restaurant is that customers are often anxious about ordering unfamiliar dishes. Even when pictures are included on a menu, it can still be hard to judge. The Livmenu system allows diners to peruse a text menu on tablet computers handed out by waiting staff – much like a standard menu – with videos showing the preparation of each item available upon tapping the option. The visual menu enables customers to make better decisions about their meal, therefore potentially improving their experience and leading to increased return visits. Videos are high definition and Livmenu places an emphasis on sleek design, making the system suitable for both mid-range and haute cuisine restaurants.

    New technologies are helping traditionally text-based communications benefit from more visual and interactive forms. Could this be the future for food and drink venues?


    Spotted by: Murtaza Patel

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