The AT&T Verizon Duopoly

    By Kena Amoah | Small Business

    AT&T and Verizon command about 65% of the US telecommunications market of nearly 342.3 million wireless subscriber connections. This makes them The Duopoly that controls the market’s share of prices, services, products and customers support.

    In 2012 both AT&T and Verizon  made combined revenues of $243.2B, yet their financial gains did not reflect better products, services and after sales support for consumers.

    AT&T for three years in a  row was dubbed the worst major phone carrier in 2012 by Consumer Reports whereas Verizon was listed as top-rated provider for it voice and data service quality. Verizon maintains 30 call centers for its 90 million plus customers, setting up the stage for a bad customer experience. This infographic shows a snapshot of how these major US brands are performing on Twitter with social customer service.

    The AT&T Verizon Duopoly  image infograph2 newThe AT&T Verizon Duopoly

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