Survey Results Brew Tasty PR Stats for Buzz Around National Coffee Day

Using online surveys to supplement your PR efforts is a creative, fun way to stay visible and connect with your clientele. Sharing the results from your survey with a press release can be a great source of content for writers and bloggers looking for an angle on their article.  

A great example is the recent survey from Dunkin Donuts conducted in honor of National Coffee Day. The results spawned a healthy buzz of press around the results. Using an online survey to ask 4700 US workers about their coffee habits, Dunkin found that 34 percent of respondents said they need coffee to get through the workday and that, of those, 46 percent said they are less productive without coffee.

Additional results included a list of professions who reported being less productive without coffee. Included on the list were scientists, lab technicians, marketing folks, physicians, editors, writers, and ironically enough, public relations professionals. These results transformed into a blitz of articles including titles such as “The 15 Professions that Need Coffee the Most” and “Nearly One Half of all Workers Claim they are less Productive without Coffee”.

John Costello, chief global customer and innovation officer at Dunkin' Brands said, "National Coffee Day is the perfect time to celebrate coffee's unique place as a staple in our daily lives. As these survey results show, coffee continues to play an increasingly important role in the workplace, helping to jumpstart people across all professions in the morning and keep them going throughout their busy workday.”

Surveys in the digital age are one of the more affordable tools for small businesses to gain a clear understanding of their marketplace and to put that knowledge to work for their marketing or PR efforts. It’s a fantastic way to get a quick snapshot of what a demographic is thinking or feeling about a particular topic.


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