Make Sure You Get the Job After a Telephone Interview

    By Suzanne Yates | Small Business

    With busy schedules and packed diaries its hard to find enough time to conduct face to face interviews for every candidate that applies for a job. The popularity of the telephone interview is on the rise as it is much more time and cost efficient for both parties.

    It can be very hard to impress during a telephone interview as the luxury of analysing  facial and bodily movements is no longer an option. So make sure you say the right things, have the correct tone of voice and ask the right questions.

    Far too many times people get caught of guard by an employer conducting a spontaneous interview. Just waking up or being in the office its hard to gather composure when placed in a state of panic. Hearing the dreaded words ‘We received your CV and just wanted to ask you a few more questions’. The first thing you think about is who it is that could be calling? Which of the 100 companies I applied for is ringing me? What will I say? Where is my notes? Do I sound confident?

    To ensure that you don’t panic and regret your answers follow these easy yet important exercises  to make sure you have the perfect telephone interview. Its a good way to be remembered by the employer and to gain confidence in your own ability in terms of selling yourself and perfecting the telephone interview.

    You must be organised

    If you have been applying for different job positions, a very important task to remember is that you keep note of the jobs you apply for. Keep track of them on your phone or in a diary so that if you are caught unaware you can see the name you contacted, date you applied and name of the company as well as any additional information you have recorded. This way you will not mix up an application and it will appear that you are very interested in the job and willing to work.

    One of the main advantages of the telephone interview is that the interviewer can not see you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared. Be sure to have a copy of your CV during the interview as to not forget any important skills or experience. Also make notes and keep them near the phone or with you so you know exactly what to say.

    Entrepreneur James Caan states that ‘Often in an interview situation nerves can get the better of you and you might forget key information. Many times candidates walk out of an interview kicking themselves for not mentioning a certain experience or skill.’

    Do you research

    If you are aware in advance that the interview will take place, try and find out who will be conducting the interview. This way you can do your research on this person as well as the company. Check their Linkedin page. You may have mutual connections which is always a conversation starter and a good way for the interviewer to remember you.

    make sure you know about the company. If you are faced with the question, “So tell us what you know about us” and you are unable to answer, 99% of the time you will not be asked back for another interview. Know as much as possible and include these in your notes so that you can impress the interviewer.

    Don’t get distracted

    Make sure the interview is carried out in a quiet room in a bid to reduce background noise and distractions. Do not chew gum or eat during the interview and make sure your full attention is on the conversation at hand and the questions that are being asked.

    Sitting upright and smiling will help project your vocals in a positive way as well as helping you feel more relaxed and confident.


    During the phone call speak slowly and clearly and do not interrupt when the interviewer is asking questions.

    If you fail to understand a question then don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat it or explain what they mean by it. Make sure you take your time when answering the questions, pause for a second before you speak to make sure you know exactly what you are going to say. If you are using a handset or mobile phone try not to make a lot of noise when routing through endless pieces of paper looking for notes on what to say. Make your notes short and specific and even consider wearing a headset so that your hands are free.

    Be Polite and follow up

    At the end of the conversation be sure to ask intelligent and related questions. Don’t ask questions for the sake of it. Make sure they are worthwhile and will help with the hiring process. When saying goodbye be sure to ask if they require any further information, thank them for their time and send them a follow up email the next day just so that you stay in their mind.

    If by chance you feel like you have not succeed in the way you could then don’t be afraid to email the company and tell them that you were caught of guard or in a difficult situation and ask if they would like to meet you in person or call back again. It cant hurt to follow up.

    If you are not successful  the first time then don’t worry, practice will make you more confident. The right job for you is out there so Don’t give up and show them what you’ve got.

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