Supplements Vs Food – A Visual Guide [Infographic]

    By Danny Ashton | Small Business

    Supplements Vs Food   A Visual Guide [Infographic] image supplements vs food final versionSupplements Vs Food A Visual Guide [Infographic]

    Surely you’ve heard of food supplementation – the use of dietary supplements associated with diet and exercise to achieve faster and more lasting results – and how this practice has been widely questioned. However, the truth is that the combination of a balanced diet and smart training can be life changing and improve your sports performance, according to most nutrition professionals. And that is why supplements are essential in this case, because they stop you from eating a ridiculous amount of food just to get the necessary nutrients your body needs.

    Nevertheless, like everything in life, supplements shouldn’t be generalized. Therefore, it’s important to make an assessment of each person’s genetic constitution, wasted power rate and intensity of training before prescribing a supplemental diet. Why? Because supplements aren’t a joke, they are compounds transformed by technology. They have food nutrients that are usually used as a reinforcement of the diet of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. If you do not eat properly and play any sport, you should probably start using supplements, but always with the guidance of a nutritionist. Still not convinced about the power of supplements? Just remember that 20 grams of creatine powder have the same amount of this nutrient than 78 McDonalds beef patties!

    So check our latest infographic for more information about the supplement equivalents to some types of food in order to ingest all the nutrients you need, but don’t forget to consult a doctor and get personalized advices before start pumping pills and powders. Only dieticians may advise a food supplement when necessary, so there is a whole study to be done by the nutritionist. Just remember this: the excess of a nutrient might prevent the absorption of others, causing a nutritional imbalance and you don’t want that! You want to be healthy and improving your body without any negative consequences.


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