Super Bowl Commerical Showdown: Cheerios vs Bud Light

    By Sanchit Khera | Small Business


    Here are both the Super Bowl commercials -

    This one’s from Cheerios:

    Cheerios banked on emotion and recall. When a consumer visits her local grocery store and looks at the vast ocean of breakfast cereal options available, she would instantly start to create associations with the brands she sees.

    1. She would first start by allocating a price range, and then weeding out the most expensive ones instantly.

    2. She would look at the brand names available and start thinking about decision factors such as nutritional value, taste, preferences, etc.

    3. She would start focusing on how these brands were similar to others in a way (nutrition, size, price) and were different from others (flavor, packaging, shape of the box, organic).

    She’s basically trying to find that one brand that aligns with her preferences (both in terms of product attributes and overall message). E.g. an adult woman would not purchase a happy meal at McDonalds. It’s for kids; that’s how McDonalds talks about happy meals.

    Now when the consumer looks at Cheerios, her subconscious mind starts releasing endorphins because of the commercial, if there’s strong brand recall and consumer connection. I pray to god that Cheerios is tracking sales during this period very closely.

    Additionally, the woman in the ad is pregnant and has another child. This sends an unconscious signal to the viewer that pregnant women can trust Cheerios enough to consume it when their child depends on them for optimal nutrition.  Cheerios is safe, healthy and is enjoyed by progressive minded people.

    This one’s by Bud Light:

    Although neither commercial speaks about brand consumption in any way, it focuses more on brand association and voice. Both these brands target a different consumer demographic and have attempted to create a connection with the audience in a creative way.

    Bud Light wasted a lot of money to create a commercial that wasn’t good enough. Although, the silver lining would be the fact that the ad was so ridiculous that people might talk about it at work or at the bar. This gives Bud Light a higher share of voice, and sales increase  for a few months.

    I’ve yet to see any Super Bowl commercial that came close to the Darth Vader Volkswagen ad. Old Spice has got a pretty funny ad coming out this year, but apart from them – it’s tough to say which brand is going to make the best of the $4 million 10 second spot during the Super Bowl. Doritos dropped the ball in their Super Bowl teasers as well.

    It’s not looking too good for advertisers this year.

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