The Super Bowl Ad Winners

The Super Bowl has been dubbed ‘The greatest TV commercial show on earth’, but it’s also become the greatest social media contest between brands. The success of brand’s TV ads during the Super Bowl are now measured by their impact on social networks, such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

The impact that the ads had on social networks was massive, such as for every 7 tweets about the game, there were 2 about the ads. For a brand spending between $3.7 and $3.8m on a super bowl ad, according to ad buyers, the viral lift and exposure social networks can give an ad are huge and can certainly drive a number of their social media objectives, including generating brand engagement, evoking a brand’s personality and spreading positive word of mouth.

So which brand’s ad won the social media battle and topped the viral chart? Here’s the top 6

1. Budweiser

The Clydesdales: “Brotherhood”

Views: 9,443, 568

Facebook shares: 499,002

Twitter shares: 14,156

2. Ram


Views: 4,323,770

Facebook shares: 112,422

Twitter shares: 10,011

3. Volkswagen

“Get In. Get Happy”

Views: 10,588,653

Facebook shares: 76,000

Twitter shares: 8,225

4. Jeep

“Whole Again”

Views: 1,385,789

Facebook shares: 37,747

Twitter shares: 5,774

5. Kia

“Space Babies”

Views: 2,666,525

Facebook shares: 38,825

Twitter shares: 4,179

6. Godaddy

“Perfect Match”

Views: 8,699,980

Facebook shares: 34,812

Twitter shares: 5,302

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