Summer Tips for Inside Sales Success

In today’s world of ever-changing customer buying and selling behaviors, building a winning sales operation is no longer a “one-size-fits-all” process.  Each customer responds to products and services differently. But even these individual responses change – sometimes daily – based on fluctuating customer needs. Knowing individualized customer needs and behaviors and how to leverage both are crucial to empower sales teams to sell smarter and win more deals.

When your customers’ behaviors change, it is important to adopt new practices and tools. This includes creating specialized sales roles that work together to enhance and nurture the buyers’ relationship.  Specially designed teams that have particular skill-sets are better able to address individual, specific customer issues throughout the many stages of buyer readiness.

Today more customers are online and with social sharing sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, information about consumers, their likes, and their behaviors becomes more accessible as Big Data. These social channels are an easy way to share information, gain a deeper understanding of your target customer, and engage in conversations, all of which help sales teams better sell to customers. These help educate and prepare sales reps to identify customer needs and expectations, keep current on existing and potential customers, and look out for future demands.

With Big Data, it is important to have a powerful and effective way to track all of these changing customer variables, as even one can change the outcome of a sale. Evaluating metric changes has become necessary to monitor and respond to changes in current and future buyer behavior. Analytic tools boost a company’s productivity by showing which customers are most likely to buy, when they’re most likely to buy, and why.

This constantly changing mass of data makes automated sales processes an important tool for your sales team to have. An intuitive customer relationship management (CRM) application encourages team collaboration and allows access to real-time information on customers, quotes, and sales orders. By implementing cloud-based services, many of these tools become accessible to your team on the go. This in turn enhances the productivity, responsiveness, and accuracy among sales teams by providing the most up-to-date customer information and improves the service they offer to customers.

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