Is Summer a Good Time for Marketing?

Is Summer a Good Time for Marketing? image ID 10034770Is Summer a Good Time for Marketing?Each summer I hear people from other companies talk about how they look forward this time of year because they like to take time off and go on a family vacation, unwind, relax, go to the lake, go camping, etc. Others like to get out and play some golf with other professionals or check out special events like the NASCAR Tour or a PGA Event.

I have really watched our interaction this past month and what I am finding is this.

In past years, summer time may have taken a bit of a hit, but now with the internet and especially social media, people want more and more to stay connected. Yes – People are finding and reading more about our company because they are staying connected online and are not disconnecting.

People want their information right away and have done their homework and are ready to take the next step and spend their dollars after conducting their own research.

Seeing more questions submitted online and less by phone. People are taking their summer breaks from talking to people, but they are staying connected by using their smart phones to send and receive emails.

Online marketing is an awesome channel to focus on during the summer months. For me it’s all about posting content on blogs, social media sites and updating content on the company website.

Are you seeing similar results in your business? Eventhough others may be taking time off, make sure you continue your marketing efforts and I really believe you will see results.

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