Subscription package provides everything for recipients to make their own cocktails

We’ve already seen startups like Chefday provide not only easy-to-follow recipes, but also the exact ingredients required to make them. Hoping to do the same for amateur mixologists, Julibox is a service that provides the instructions and materials needed to make cocktails at home.

Subscribers pay USD 36 a month for a six-month subscription, which will provide a package containing recipes, spirits and mixers for two different types of cocktail each month. Each box is curated by those with experience in the cocktail industry and the aim is to teach subscribers how to perfect the mixing of that month’s drink choices. The delivered ingredients are enough to make two of each cocktail and recipients can use their box as a way to entertain guests during a night in.

The subscription model has become a popular way for consumers to gain a new experience each month as well as learn new things. Are there any corners of this idea left unturned?


Spotted by: Murray Orange

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