Should You Submit the Same Resume for Different Positions at the Same Company?

    By Amanda Clark | Small Business

    The job market can be tight depending on the type of career you seek and where you live. It can be tempting to apply to any job for which you might be qualified. When it comes to submitting your resume multiple times with the same organization, however, job seekers should take caution. If you submit your application for too many positions at once, you may be seen as spamming the system and come across as desperate rather than truly interested.

    If you find more than one position that you are interested in at the same company, make sure that you are truly qualified for each one before submitting your resume. Employers understand that sometimes the differences between two positions are minimal, so an applicant may very well be qualified for – and interested in – both.

    Tailor your resume to each opening

    By taking the time to tailor your resume for the specific position, it shows your attention to detail and thoroughness in checking out the company and the job. There will most likely be a lot of overlap between the versions, but small details can make a difference. For instance, you may switch up the core competencies to better align with keywords for the position. Or you may move some accomplishments higher up or present them in a slightly different manner depending on the focus of the job.

    You don’t have to make drastic changes, but paying attention to the details is key. Your summary of qualifications may also change to highlight specific strengths and abilities. You want to show why you are a good fit for that specific position, even if you may also be a good fit for other positions.

    Be honest

    If you do not meet the majority of the qualifications for the position, it might not be a good match. Avoid the temptation to lie or embellish your resume to make yourself look more qualified than you really are. This can definitely raise a red flag, especially if you are applying for more than one position with the company. In addition, social media profiles could also tell a different story.

    When tailoring your resume, make sure you remain truthful. Employers are often willing to overlook slight over or under qualification. If you are submitting two completely different versions of your resume, however, and the basics do not line up, this will raise some suspicion.

    Use your cover letter to add more detail

    Your cover letter can be another good option for differentiating yourself for various openings. Because the content is more flexible, you can add additional information that may not fit succinctly into your resume. You can elaborate on other reasons why you are a good candidate and would benefit the company.

    Present yourself as a professional

    The last thing you want to do is reduce your chances of landing the job by coming off as unprofessional or unqualified. Be strategic in when you apply for various positions. Rather than submitting your resume multiple times in one day, choose the one or two positions you are most interested in. If you don’t hear anything, go back and apply for something different. Keep in mind that your resume should reflect your accomplishments and strengths that pertain to each role.

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