Is Stress Killing You? [Infographic]

    By Brian Wallace | Small Business

    Do you find yourself stressed out at work, at home or anywhere else in your life? Be careful – all that stress could be more harmful than you think! Stress can come about for many reasons, from job pressure to money to health and more. This infographic talks about some of the most common sources of stress as well as the effects it can take on your health, which can include feelings of fatigue, headaches, upset stomachs or worse!

    As it turns out, stress in the US has increased by over 30 percent during the last three decades, with 35 percent of people reporting feeling chronically stressed. Women tend to be more stressed out than men during an average workday, usually feeling like their employer does not appreciate them or that they are paid less than their male counterparts. Fortunately there are ways to manage stress, from exercise to meditation to music and more.

    Do you find yourself feeling stressed most days? What sorts of things do you do to manage your stress? Check out the rest of this infographic from, and be sure to drop a message in the comments!

    Is Stress Killing You? [Infographic] image death2Is Stress Killing You? [Infographic]
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