How to Make Your Story Sparkle on Video

How to Make Your Story Sparkle on Video image irresistible225How to Make Your Story Sparkle on Video

Many people use video the way they use text. They see it as just another form of information. Maybe just to re-purpose an article that was better as an article in the first place.

But this leaves far too much on the table. A video, especially with you in it, is one of the most powerful forms of transformative communication you could ever make.

It goes beyond making a connection with your potential client. It goes far beyond establishing trust with a publishing schedule. And it jolly well goes beyond selling widgets.

It’s about changing someone’s state from “pre-you” to “post-you”. Pre-You was a time when your value proposition didn’t occupy any of their mind space. Post-You is about a world that cannot comprehend you and your company not being in it.

Does that seem like an overwhelming task? Fortunately it doesn’t have to be.

This video is about transforming your big box of ingredients into a small savory dish.

Bon Appetit!


Being comfortably charismatic on camera is a skill, not a talent. To master this one, start here.


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