How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button on Your Story

How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button on Your Story image recite 361 1984336587 7t9ill 254x300How to Stop Hitting the Snooze Button on Your Story“I know I’ve got a story in me. I’m going to tell it…Someday…”

The woman who said this to me was beautiful, articulate, tenacious and entrepreneur on the verge and completely devaluing what sets her apart from all the other life coaches out there – Her Story.

It’s time to wake-up. It’s time to STOP hitting the snooze button on your story. I know I make it sound so easy, but it’s not. Why?

You’re your own worst enemy…well actually, not you – that inner bitchy wench living in your head…yeah she’s to blame.

Rip the tongue out of your inner critic

That voice that tells you “You’re nothing special” or “There are hundreds of teachers, coaches, artists, accountants, graphic designers just like you – what makes your story so important?”

The next time you think about putting pen to paper to write your story, picking up that phone to book a speaking engagement or pressing “Publish” on a blog post that’s going to broadcast your brilliance to the world and you hear the voice, do me and yourself a favor: Tell that inner-critic to shut the hell up, like right now.

But what if it isn’t that vixen of self-defeat? What if it’s something like comparing yourself to anyone who ever lived and had a story?

Curse of constant comparison

“Your story is soooo boring compared to {Insert the name of any human being who ever lived}, you have no business telling it!”

Stop comparing yourself to everyone in the history of the world who you think has a better story. Yes, someone’s difficulties were greater than yours. The results achieved were bigger. Their story is funnier, but who cares?

Your unique perspective means you have something to say. It doesn’t matter that it’s been said before. We haven’t heard the story from you!

Force the inner critic to stop competing with everyone. It’s no good for you, your business or living the life you deserve.

Stop Comparing. Start Sharing!

Replace “Someday” with “Now!” Turn off the alarm, spring from your slumber, grab that dirty chai latte and start telling your story. Speak it. Blog it. Write it. Tweet it. Hire a scribe to scrawl it in calligraphy. Get your story into the world NOW.

What’s holding you back from sharing your story? Already sharing your awesomeness with the world? Tell me about in the comment section below!

Remember, it’s your story. Tell it well.

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