Stop hating The Sims 4 and admit it: the game nails what counts

    By Mary-Anne Lee | Small Business

    All you haters of The Sims 4, put down your pitchforks and just hear me out.

    EA Games’ latest iteration of The Sims series is not as bad a game as Reddit thinks, nor is it a step down or a step back from the progress made with The Sims 3.

    It’s true that The Sims 4 doesn’t have the open world freedom that The Sims 3 awarded us, nor does it have the multitudes of expansion packs that have been done to death over the last three iterations of the game. It doesn’t have swimming pools or toddler life stages, and being a new game, it has a variety of glitches.

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    However, it does make up for the lack of that freedom by focusing on what’s important to the series: the Sims themselves.

    Home is all the entertainment you need

    the sims 4 build mode

    Loading screens in between each lot aren’t a big deal when you consider just how much you can do at home. Without diving into details (which our full review will have), The Sims 4 offers a ridiculous amount of customization in build mode. You can now build and place stuff at angles and at different levels on walls, and that’s only the beginning of what you can do.

    While the items and furniture available to you are still limited (hey, it’s week one for the game, after all), the base selection has almost everything you’d want, with the exception of one thing: the good ol’ telephone.

    The future is now


    That’s because (as the caption above reads) The Sims series has kept up with the times. It’s not just the base item selection that’s become more expansive. Each Sim now owns a mobile phone, because who uses a landline phone anymore? They’re also able to engage in modern day activites like chatting online, playing mobile games, and, yes, even taking selfies.

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    Jobs have also been updated to accurately reflect present day career choices. While old favorites like the crime career still hold strong, you now also have the option of becoming a startup founder.

    Sims are also now able to multitask, much like how you’d be able to conduct a conversation with your mother/significant other/cat while cooking dinner. Their newfound neural abilities bring the game so much closer to mimicking real life.

    It’s a trade off

    While the best game would obviously be one that makes everyone happy, that sort of game is also an impossible dream. You can’t keep everyone happy, and you can’t make the perfect game. Could EA have put in swimming pools and toddlers? I’m sure it could have. Could it have made a world bigger than the one built into The Sims 3? Definitely.

    EA instead chose to focus. Rather than create an impossibly large game that would end up being inaccessible to many of its players, some of whom enjoy The Sims games exclusively, it chose to invest heavily in one aspect of the game, and make that a tremendously awesome one.

    The Create-A-Sim feature is at an all-time high of customization, ethnicities beyond Caucasian and Hispanic can finally be created without the use of third-party mods, and the Sims on a whole are more life-like than ever. Even bone structure can be modified! Bone structure!

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    Just like in The Sims and The Sims 2, you can now spend all day in your lot in-game, tinkering with your Sim’s life and an unending number of options with which to interact with family members, neighbours, and even inanimate objects like the river behind your house.

    The Sims series began life as a simulation game that focused on homes and the families living in them. The Sims 4, published ahead of the series’ 15th anniversary next year, is a nostalgia-laden throwback to that, laced with the technologies and tastes of modern day society. It’s great as it is.

    And besides, you can always just go back to The Sims 3.

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    The post Stop hating The Sims 4 and admit it: the game nails what counts appeared first on Games in Asia.

    The post Stop hating The Sims 4 and admit it: the game nails what counts appeared first on Games in Asia.
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