Stop! Collaborate and Audit… Your Content Marketing

Today, thought leadership is in high demand by consumers. As a result, marketers are turning to producing advanced, premium content for building relevancy online and increasing conversions. Unfortunately, over time, premium content offers can grow stale and lack value. In order to maximize conversion efficiency and maintain relevancy, the occasional advanced content audit is recommended. Below are five tips for auditing advanced content.

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Thoroughly consume your content in order to identify potential problems, verify alignment with current goals and confirm it supports recent industry trends. Whether your content is an ebook, case study, video, podcast, etc., consume it so you have a clear understanding of its present relevancy.

This will help you identify if a revision is prudent. However, before investing ample time and energy, ask the question “How easy or difficult will it be to modify this content and is it worth it?” If it’s not worth it than eliminate the premium content as an online resource.

2. Value Proposition

In conjunction with analyzing the content, consider the desired value proposition. Is it still valuable? Has it degraded over time? For example, an SEO guide from three years ago most likely contains some advice that could be detrimental to an SEO campaign today.

3. Landing Pages & Calls to Action (CTAs)

Since landing pages and CTAs are linked they should both reflect the same imagery and value proposition. Design, copy and forms should be considered for revision based on analytics and the conclusions drawn from tips one and two.

4. Email & Lead Nurture Campaigns

Email marketing and lead nurturing has the same goal as CTAs and landing pages – to entice click-throughs and conversions. Thus, email and lead nurture campaigns tied directly to content that is in the process of being revised should be updated accordingly.

5. Search Engine Optimization

This is an opportunity to make sure the on-page optimization of your landing pages accurately aligns with the updated value proposition. Revisiting the initial keyword selection is prudent, too. Just because primary or secondary phrases were highly searched at the time your landing page was initially launched doesn’t mean they’re popular today.

Content creation from scratch can be a daunting task. However, sprucing up existing content with fresh value propositions, data, copy or graphics can have the same impact on click through rates, traffic and conversions. Stretch the value of your existing premium content with the above five tips. For more tips on content creation download The 5 W’s of Content Creation Guide.

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