Sticker gives Android phones 4 extra custom functions

    By Tom | Small Business


    Smartphones are able to do an incredible number of different things, and the way consumers use them is varied according to their individual needs. However, most devices only feature easy access to an on/off button or menu control, requiring users to navigate to all other functions. In the past, we’ve seen Pressy add an extra button to smartphones for custom functions, and now Dimple is an NFC sticker including 4 buttons that can be programmed as shortcuts to any regularly performed task.

    The Dimple itself can be peeled and attached to the back of any mobile device running the Android OS, and features four slightly raised buttons. The buttons use NFC technology to interact with the device, and users can set each one to perform a particular function. For example, one button could launch a music player app, or act as a play/pause button, while another could call a particular phone number. Buttons can launch a menu with a group of select apps, and can integrate with Tasker to create more complex functions. Additionally, the team are developing an open SDK so that programmers can make each button do whatever they please. Buttons can be easily reset to perform a new task at any time, and any number of Dimples can be added to a device. The video below shows Dimple in action:

    The developers have now launched an Indiegogo campaign, where early adopters are able to order a set for USD 15, although it’s set to later retail for USD 28.99. Are there other ways smartphones can be developed with consumer customization in mind?


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