How to Stay Poor In Business. S**t Sales Strategies for the 21st Century

How to Stay Poor In Business. S**t Sales Strategies for the 21st Century image poorinbusiness 03How to Stay Poor in BusinessNigel Botterill knows a thing or two about creating successful businesses. In the last eight years he’s built EIGHT separate million pound plus businesses, from scratch. In the process he’s won countless awards including Glazer Kennedy Info Marketer of the Year. I attend that event every year and I know how tough the competition is. Of course Nigel didn’t just win it once. He won it two years in succession. I believe he’s the only person who’s ever done that.

He’s also one of the most enthusiastic speakers I’ve known and trust me I’ve seen a few VERY enthusiastic speakers in my time.

So I was delighted to learn he was coming to the Stratford Business Show at Ragley Hall with his brand new talk for 2013.

The title of the talk is very tongue in cheek. How to stay Poor in Business is clearly not something any of us “consciously” try to do. Of course, that’s the point. Throughout the talk Nigel highlighted the dumb stuff we do that holds us back.

I’d like to give you a complete review of the talk but that would mean I would have to give you all the details and that would spoil a lot of the surprises as well as impact of his talk should you get to see it. AND SEE IT YOU SHOULD!

I will however pull out some of the key points and explain why you should attend this talk.

Turn your Sensitivity Meters Down!

One word of caution though. If you are easily offended then you might want to give his talk a miss because he doesn’t pull his punches. As he said himself, you may want to turn down your sensitivity meters whilst he is talking!

I’d given a talk that morning at the show called “Your website sucks” and it was a straight look at why so many businesses fail to create websites that sell. Basically they build websites to pander to their egos or to impress friends/colleagues etc. I thought I’d given a fairly frank talk but I certainly got a lesson in frankness from Nigel!

The one thing that holds all Businesses back

One of the things he drives home straight from the start of his talk is there is only one thing holding you back from more sales and a successful business. It’s the same thing for all of us and he is completely right. To find out what that is then I’m afraid you will have to attend his talk.

His opinion of sales brochures as a marketing tool was pretty damning. He basically thought they were a complete waste of time. A view I share but not one I felt the room shared. Ironic really as that talk was at a trade show and most of the trade stands were giving out brochures!!

I particularly liked the very visual illustration of how business cards are abused and misused by so many people. I wonder how many people will be updating their business cards now.

And the bit I enjoyed the most! (Thanks Nigel)

My favourite part of the talk was when he asked how many people in the room were using Adwords to grow their business. Not many hands went up. Maybe 20% of the room. Nigel then basically told the rest to “get of their backsides” and start using it. He quite rightly said they need to learn how to use it properly otherwise they will waste a lot of money. He likened it to learning to drive. Of course I’m in complete agreement about Adwords. The only thing I disagree with Nigel about is that people shouldn’t just learn to drive. Some of them should then hire a driver!! (But then as I sell Adwords Management then you’d expect me to say that wouldn’t you!).

Anyone who’s seen Nigel talk will know that you leave his talks all fired up by his enthusiasm. This talk is no different. He packs it in with great advice for growing your business and it’s delivered in his usual full on style.

And finally a mention for Brain Tumour UK, the charity for which funds raised by Nigel’s talk are being given to.

What do you think?

Were you at the talk? What are your thoughts?

If you weren’t at the talk then why not try to guess what the one thing is that’s holding your business back!

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