Startup Diaries: Our First Unexpected Hurdle

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Micha Goudeau and her husband, Troy, have six children who all play sports. After making their own proud-parent T-shirts to wear during sporting events -- for example, " Cheetahs Mom" (track) or "Jackrabbits Dad" (basketball and football) -- and receiving requests from fellow parents, the couple decided to start a business: Proud Sports Parents LLC.

My husband and I are ecstatic about our product and what our business can do for our family and community. And like many new business owners, Troy and I have made list after list, revised, edited, and followed through on our plans to have a successful launch, which was planned for Black Friday 2012.

As it came closer and closer to our launch date I discovered a major hurdle that I had not anticipated. That hurdle was the completion of our website,, and its ordering functionality.

Since I had heard of others building their own websites, I was very optimistic that we could build our own as well and potentially save hundreds of dollars. The problem with this plan was my own inexperience and not factoring in how much time and practice would be required.

Now, the question becomes: "Micha, now that you have acknowledged the problem, what are you doing to fix it?" Well, glad you asked. Here are the next planned steps:

1. Find a trusted and reputable website builder. We are currently exploring options, such as those offered by Yahoo! Small Business. The goal is not just to get it done, but to get it done well.

2. Partner with Kristina Mayes, who owns, to maximize value. I will be writing for Kristina's Web pages. In exchange, Kristina will be going outside of her normal scope of photographing newborns to take some professional pictures for our site.

3. Set our new target date: Jan. 3, 2013.

Look for our next update as we jump our website hurdle.

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