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Carin Kilby Clark is the founder of Clue Consulting, LLC, a business management and administrative services consultancy established in December 2012.

When I started my consulting business, I had no idea what content marketing was or how to develop a content marketing strategy. While doing some online research, I found a content marketing strategy e-book by Aiden Marketing. This e-book was pivotal to my understanding of the content marketing concept, and showed me how to create a winning content marketing strategy.

Consumers want original and valuable content on a frequent basis; if I want to drive traffic to my site, foster engagement, and generate revenue for my business, I must make sure that my content is optimized to support my goals. Content marketing is a key component of my overarching plan to introduce the market to my services and demonstrate my expertise using a blog and social media (Facebook, Twitter).

As a budding small business, I know that in order to gain credibility, trust, and attract/retain future clients, I have to develop a strategy to provide valuable content to my target market: entrepreneurs who struggle with their day-to-day administrative tasks. A content marketing strategy allows me to achieve my goal by having a solid plan to consistently deliver content that is specific, engaging, and relevant.


The content I provide will be specific to my target market. The information has to be applicable to their particular situation in one way or another. Without this element, I would be wasting my time. If the entrepreneur does not find the information helpful, I will lose their attention right from the start.


The content I provide will be engaging to my targeted audience. If I want them to 'like' my Facebook page and follow me on Twitter, then I must provide intriguing, fresh content that will entice them to return for more. Content that they can engage in, and relate to, will be the key to retaining their attention.


The content I provide will be relevant to my target industry. I plan to highlight my unique point of view on trending topics that are relevant to the business management and administrative services support industry. There is no point in talking about yesterday's news ... unless it may also be relevant tomorrow.

My content marketing strategy requires that I continually create original content (once or twice a week) and promote that content through various channels (social media, press releases, and newsletters) in order to be successful. Still in its infancy, much like my business itself, I am going to begin implementing the strategy in March. Upon implementation, I plan to use the Yahoo! Marketing Dashboard to evaluate web and social analytics and further optimize my content strategy.

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