Start Button & Boot To Desktop Returns In Windows 8.1

    By RM Downey | Small Business

    An anticipated announcement from Microsoft will reveal that it’s changing it’s mind about completely rethinking the Windows experience. The two biggest complaints about Windows 8 are the fact that there is no familiar Start button or ability to boot right into the Desktop. According to ZDNet & Mary Jo Foley, this is set to change in the first service pack for Windows 8.

    While there will be an option now to boot right into the Desktop, the return of the Start Button appears to be more of facade or a way to retrain frustrated users. Although there will be a Start button in the lower left hand corner (show below), it will not launch a traditional Start menu, rather the Metro interface will pop up essentially making the Start button as useful as the Windows key found on your keyboard.

    Start Button & Boot To Desktop Returns In Windows 8.1 image win8startStart Button & Boot To Desktop Returns In Windows 8.1

    In my opinion these are great compromises to try to resolve these issues. I believe Microsoft really should’ve done a better job at trying to change people’s habits and take a less abrupt approach initially. They are convinced in their vision of how important touch will be for future devices, hopefully they don’t burn too many bridges along the way.

    Windows 8.1 is expected to be released around August 2013.

    What do you think of Windows 8? What would you change?

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