St. Patrick’s Day – The Infographic

    By Vicky Simpson | Small Business

    St. Patrick’s Day is just a few days away, and to get in the spirit, here is everything you need to know to have the best St. Patrick’s Day. From learning how to cook up the best Corned Beef & Cabbage, to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness, your St. Paddy’s day will be filled with food, and fun.

    For those who are looking for a place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, you can go to Chicago to watch as they dye the Chicago River green with vegetable dye, or to Boston to see the oldest St. Patrick’s Day Parade or head on over to New York City to be one of the 2 million spectators.

    Last, but not least, if you have a wee bit of Irish luck and come across the Leprechaun’s pot o’gold be careful. You may find millions of dollars in Gold, but you’ll have to pay taxes on it, and have an angry Leprechaun after you. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

    St. Patricks Day The Infographic image stpaddysinfographicSt. Patricks Day The Infographic
    St. Patrick’s Day Infographic by Liberty Tax

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