Springwise Updates

The new businesses we feature on Springwise are constantly growing and developing new products and services, and we thought it time to share some of their news with you again. The businesses below have all kept us up to date with their recent progress:


The soft, spongy cube we first covered in 2010 is actually a musical instrument for people with physical disabilities. Now, students with motor difficulties across the UK will have the chance to make music thanks to a partnership between Skoog and Lancashire Music Service which will provide two Skoogs for every special education school in the country. In the UK the educational curriculum states that every child should have the chance to learn a musical instrument, and Skoog is making this a reality. Read our article on Skoog >>


Tagwhat was already an interesting proposition when we came across it in 2011 – an app that located the user and then delivered stories, articles and multimedia content to their phones, specific to the area they were in. Now, with the introduction of location analysis software through their iPhone app, users can also receive deals from local businesses. Read our article on Tagwhat >>


Regular readers may well remember Raise5, a fundraising platform with a twist that received support and funding from Richard Branson after winning the Screw Business As Usual competition. Now the founders are jetting off to South Africa to spend three days with the famous entrepreneur, to receive business tips and see his work in action.
Read our article on Raise5 >>


Since we covered Pickie last summer the app has proven popular, with Apple naming it one of their ’10 Essential Apps’ in the Catalogs category of their app store. Now the retail app — which recommends items based on what the user’s friends are discussing on social networks — has built an exclusive catalog for the online designer brand outlet, One Kings Lane. Read our article on Pickie >>

Ella’s Kitchen

To celebrate their new dairy range, Ella’s Kitchen has built a tiny milk float to deliver dairy products to young children. The float is 60 percent smaller than the full-sized, more common version and was built by the father of the company’s namesake, Ella.
Read our article on Ella’s Kitchen >>

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