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It’s always exciting to hear about the progress made by businesses that we’ve previously featured. Here are some updates from founders who have all got in touch to share their latest news:


While companies like ZocDoc make it easier for patients to get quickly connected with a health professional, BetterDoctor strives for quality of service, using a verification service that took 18 months to build. It’s work has paid off — it recently announced seed funding of USD 2.6m, which will help improve the service and get more doctors onboard. The company has already helped four million customers find the best doctor for their needs, offering information on their education and expertise while filtering out professionals currently involved in lawsuits and malpractice.

Kourage Athletics

In 2011, Kourage Athletics was Kenya’s only sports brand. Two years on it still is, despite the number of Kenyan athletes who have excelled on the international stage. Designed, manufactured and managed in Kenya — by Kenyans — the brand is now launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new line of running vest. Its red RUN KENYA tank top is made of a lightweight fabric designed to keep athletes cool even in the hot climates of Africa. At just USD 25 each, the tops come at a snip of the price of top line brands, and is a worthy cause to boot.


Created by STUDIO BANANA THINGS, the Ostrich wearable pillow hit the market in 2011, enabling anyone to have a power nap wherever they are — even if they do look a bit unusual doing it. For those not keen on having their entire head encased in a cushioned bag, the team behind the innovation have since created the Ostrich Pillow Light — a smaller headband version that works just as well for quick naps. Having surpassed its Kickstarter goal several times, the product is now available to buy for GBP 29.

The Balmain Boat Company

The Balmain Boat Company has been creating flatpack, DIY boat kits for hands-on sailing fans since we wrote about them in 2011. Two years down the line, the business has created the BBCo Pilot, a larger, sturdier vessel that will give builders a bigger — but worthwhile — challenge. The new rowboat comfortably fits in the whole family, enabling parents to bond with their kids both in its construction and when it hits the water.

My Hospi Friends

If you don’t recognize the name My Hospi Friends, it’s because when we first wrote about the France-based startup — which aims to connect patients with others that share their interests during their hospital stay — it was going by the name of Hôpital Affinité. The company is continuing to grow internationally and has refreshed its brand to cater for the wider market. It has recently concentrated on raising funds for greater development of its social network system, which is now being led by Tibco.

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