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It’s always exciting to hear about the progress made by businesses that we’ve previously featured. Here are some updates from founders who have all got in touch to share their latest news:

Hell of a Job

Back in July of last year, Israel-based advertising agency BBR Saatchi & Saatchi IL set out to recruit its next computer programmer in an environment they were likely comfortable with – within the realms of RPG game Diablo III. Hundreds of potential programmers applied to take part in the campaign, and the company had to limit the in-game interviews to the 100 most promising candidates. After offering a grilling about teamwork and programming skills during gameplay, the agency succeeded in hiring a computer science graduate.


Given current trends for quantifying every aspect of life on smartphones, it was only a matter of time before someone realized how such data collection could help diabetics. Austria-based mySugr gamifies the task by treating the condition as a monster that can only be sated with information about the blood glucose levels and time of insulin injections. After receiving FDA approval, the app has launched in the US with a new sleek design and functionality that enables users to easily create PDFs of their data to deliver to doctors.


Rather than leaving their car in an airport parking lot when they travel abroad, FlightCar wants to let holidaymakers rent out their unused vehicles to others while they’re away. It’s been working hard at this project since we covered them last October, but it has now been faced with a lawsuit from the City of San Francisco and the city’s airport. While it’s fair to say that an idea such as this has potential to infringe on other companies’ profit-making, FlightCar insists it is operating within the law and already pays fees to the airport. The startup isn’t giving up, having now launched in Boston, expanding its facilities to those traveling by train or subway, and adding a complimentary concierge service to its roster.


We wrote about TinyTap when it was a fledgling startup and caught up with the company in our Where Are They Now? feature earlier this year. After rapidly expanding the number of features included in its personalized game-building platform for iOS devices, the startup has now launched its own TinyTap Social Market, an app store enabling users to sell their creations to others. The number of people downloading the app has grown to 200,000 and is set to expand even further in the near future.


One of the things that caught our eye when we first wrote about Mapfia last year was its mission to offer greater data to its users without affecting their privacy. The app – which enables smartphone owners to temporarily share their GPS location with friends and family – has now launched in Canada, UK, Brazil, India, China, Japan and Taiwan and was also recognized with a shortlisting for the Meffys Innovation App Award in September 2012.

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