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We always enjoy hearing from businesses we’ve covered in the past and the following companies have kept us up-to-date with their recent progress.


updatejanmovable The MOVBand exists to help children fight obesity by acting as a wrist-worn pedometer that rewards wearers once they hit a certain fitness target. Since covering the company back in February 2012 they have won distribution contracts in the UK and Australia. They have also expanded into workplaces and now includes a cloud-based initiative, where employees can record their fitness data and employers can comment and share relevant progress.
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updatejanroombox The swissRoomBox was a nifty innovation we came across in June 2011 and since then the company has been working to make it even more space effective. The new model features a table with adjustable height so that the RoomBox can fit in smaller cars as well as larger ones. They have also recently launched a european dealer network for their product.
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updatejanwhipbike Since covering WhipBikes back in 2010 the company has made a lot of progress. They have removed the bulky docking stations where users stored the bikes, introducing cheaper hire stations that are now easy to move and quick to install. Riders access the bike through the solar-powered handlebar unit and all the bikes communicate wirelessly with the cloud management system through GPS, ensuring that they are returned to the correct locations.
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updatejanshopperception We were thrilled to hear that since covering Shopperception back in 2011 they have gone from strength to strength. In their words, ‘Your post changed our lives. Literally. We got founded by friends and family, entered in an accelerator (NXTP Labs) and got some Angel investment.’ Recently, they have been preparing a live presentation to spread the word about the software that uses Kinect to gather data about shoppers’ behavior.
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Beam Brush

updatejanbeambrush Smartphones seem to be popping up in all areas of life now, and there’s an app to simplify even the most mundane of every day routines. True to form, the Beam Brush is a toothbrush that can deliver updates on the state of your oral hygiene straight to your smartphone. Since we first covered the Beam Brush back in October of last year the product has now entered the market and can be purchased on their website. A step towards empowering individuals to monitor their own health?
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