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It’s always exciting to hear about the progress made by businesses that we’ve previously featured. Here are some updates from founders who have all got in touch to share their latest news:

The Farmery

Having successfully received USD 25,000 from Kickstarter supporters back in September, The Farmery has since made moves to bring to life its idea of an urban grocery store that sells produce grown by the local community on site. While working to refine their prototype, a Mini-Farmery has popped up in Durham, North Carolina, which is essentially a small-scale verison of the concept that will help fund the business. The Farmery has also produced a video to help advertise the idea to investors and consumers alike.


Personalization is set to become an ever larger part of the retail experience, as data helps businesses to target consumers down to an individual level. NY-based Rosie is getting in early with its household inventory-predicting software that determines user habits and re-orders items before they’ve run out. The team recently won the Startup Labs Syracuse competition and launched its service to shoppers at the P&C Fresh store in Ithaca, NY.


It’s only been a month since we covered DOODAD’s idea to provide cheap international data to those who travel regularly but don’t want to pay upfront for an all-in-one tariff that caters to their needs. However, the company has already been rapidly expanding its operations, announcing availability first in the US and Canada, and then to the rest of the world, accommodating 59 countries in total.


Today we wrote about @SummerBreak – a teen reality show playing out on social media feeds. But before that was Murmur, the tech-conscious studio that produced Him, Her, Them, the ‘social film’ which required Facebook users to customize the film before sharing with their contacts. The company has now helped create six other titles, ranging from a dynamic, crowdsourced music video to an immersive film/theater experience in which the video alters in real time, dependent on the audience reaction. Murmur’s Mike Knowlton has also since co-founded StoryCode, an incubator for cross-platform media artists.


Created initially as a method to easily share personal information – much like a business card – Skanz’s wearable QR code wristband has since taken on a more workable model. The company is teaming up with musicians who can give the wristbands out to fans at events, providing an easy way to create engagement with the artists as well as direct them to extra content online. One example is its collaboration with US teen singer Matt Hunter, documented in this video.

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