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It’s always exciting to hear about the progress made by businesses that we’ve previously featured. Here are some updates from founders who have all got in touch to share their latest news:


Soma first came to our attention in December last year with their stylish take on water filters. However, we weren’t aware of one important aspect of their business that they couldn’t previously mention during their funding campaign due to Kickstarter rules stating that the platform cannot be used for raising money for a cause. With every water filter purchased from the startup they will be delivering fresh water to someone in need through the charity, water. The Soma team recently took a trip to Ethiopia to meet some communities who have recently received water pumps, and they’ll be launching the retail side of things in the summer.


The world of smartphones seems to be innovating at a break-neck speed, so Silverline’s focus on elderly users who might not be entirely comfortable with the ever-evolving technology plugged a gap in the changing market. Their simple app suite has now seen a boost in funding after a successful Indiegogo campaign that raised USD 25,000. They claim to now be the most successful crowdfunding campaign to have come out of Singapore. Their latest announcement is their low-cost iPhone package, which includes their range of apps and can be bought in a bundle for USD 149.


Many cities across the world have seen an increase in cyclists for a number of reasons. However, safe routes through cities can be difficult to come by, so Cyclodeo’s video map of safe cycle routes is a welcome tool for some. They’ve recently launched a new set of videos which cover routes stretching across New York, including cycling through Central Park and across the Hudson River.

Moment Garden

Moment Garden already offered parents the chance to capture a timeline of important events in their child’s life through their online gallery. Now, they’ve introduced Moment Books, which are printed catalogues of their child’s online timeline. The company claims that the emphasis is on ease, with the average customer taking 10 minutes to create their child’s own book.

New York Bike Lawyers

We covered New York Bike Lawyers’ Bike Crash Kit back in September last year, which gave victims of a crash the tools to create a detailed document of the incident. Now the founders have introduced BikeWitness.org, which pairs up bike crash victims with witnesses of the event through tweets. They were inspired to encourage these pairings because they often heard that bike crash victims found it difficult to find people to act as witnesses for the incident.

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