Spring Cleaning in December?

Followup is probably the key to growing any business but yet it can be one of the hardest thing we try to do. Yep, all those good intentions you think about that you are going to do with that new prospect that will convert them into a customer. Or what you plan out for customers to make them not only satisfied customers but loyal customers. But if you don’t followup and do those things that you are planning to do, you may never advance your own cause.

Followup is like spring cleaning. After a long hard winter, things both inside and outside of your homes needs to be addressed. Same is true for business. After a long hard year in business, you also have a period of time for a spring clean up……in December.

I think it is safe to say, that a majority of people involved in business development will be facing a slow down if not a shut down any day now of prospects or customers willing to make time to see them. Come Friday December 20th through Tuesday January 7th, I think we can hear the fat lady sing. Unfortunately, it’s not music to the ears of too many salespeople.

So if we are facing somewhat of a silent night for the next several weeks or so and maybe if we are still reporting in for duty, we should take that time and do a spring clean up of the past 11 1/2 months. A few thoughts to clean up on as we enter 2014:

  • Go back and look at emails sent and received for things you said you were going to do but didn’t. Maybe there are some things that were not so time sensitive that can be taken care of now. If not, there is always time to send a “I’m sorry” email.
  • Listen to all those saved voice mails and address the callers request if still possible.
  • Instead of sending out late emails of good cheer for the holiday season, you instead send out emails for a prosperous 2014.
  • Take note of those referral sources that sent you business in 2013. What can you do to help develop that relationship that makes them think of you first when they have a referral?
  • Thank your colleagues for helping you during 2013. Gratitude goes a long way.
  • Even though you know some of your customers and or prospects are already on vacation, leave a voice mail for them thanking them for their support and your appreciation for them. No need to bring out a soapbox but a short from the heart acknowledgement.
  • Map out a list of some “suspects” you would like to enter into the prospect category in 2014.
  • Self improvement with a self examination. List 3 or 4 things that you want to work on that will help you or others in business next year. Even if you do 1 or 2 consistently, you will be ahead of the game.

While the economy is still not up to speed, trouble in most parts of the world and extreme pressure to produce and grow our businesses we still may not want to forget two things that can help us in 2014; Enjoy what we do and have a little fun in business along the way.

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