Sports stars’ digital autographs come with a personalized audio message

We’ve already seen Fandeavor take steps towards opening up unique sports experiences to the average fan. Now Egraphs is creating personalized digital autographs to make it easier for fans to share a moment with their favorite players.

Users wanting to request an egraph first search for a professional athlete – the site has already amassed over 300 participants from the MLB and NBA – and choose the image they want to be signed. They can also leave a note for their selected player, either a message of appreciation or an indication of what they should write. Each star is given an Egraphs app by the company and they can log in when they choose and complete requests. Every egraph comes with the message superimposed over the selected photo, a personalized audio clip from the player and the customer’s name. Egraphs are verified by the company’s biometric fingerprint authentication process. Customers can either send others a link to the digital egraph, or have it printed and framed by the company. Depending on the player, egraphs range from USD 25 to more than USD 100

Although the signatures are digital and therefore less valuable than ‘real’ autographs, egraphs offer a way to interact with sports stars that is likely to retain value for fans, in being both easily shareable and available with the extra audio file. How else can traditionally analog products be rethought for the digital world?


Spotted by: Matthew Smith

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