Split Testing “Call to Action” Text to Improve Conversions

When it comes to creating online ad campaigns, landing pages and web sites I’m sure we all have our favorite variations of “call to action” words to use.

In a recent post I wrote about how the words “Click Here” can be used in a wide variation of ways.

Here are just a few of the variations that were provided by Leslie from her post on SEJ.

  • Split Testing Call to Action Text to Improve Conversions image Depositphotos 11476825 XS 300x240Split Testing Call to Action Text to Improve ConversionsFor the joiners: Signup Now!
  • For the chatty: Call today
  • For the organized: Schedule your appointment today
  • For travelers: Book now
  • For the lonely: Visit today
  • From an engineer-led start up: Demo Our Software Now!
  • For the content hoarder: Download Our Guide Now!
  • For the adventurous: Explore Your Options
  • For the cheapskates: Use Our Free Service Now!
  • For the inquisitive:  Find Out More

Depending on the type of landing page or product you are promoting, it’s important to take the time to split test things as simple as your call to action links.

Call Today” might not be right for all audiences as not everyone likes to pick up the phone.

While “Schedule your appointment” can also seem like a big task for those who are shy.

Generic call to action phrases like “Click Here“, “Visit” and “Find Out More” are usually consistent winners you should test as well.

If you can pinpoint who your audience is and how they like to interact with ads and conduct their day to day tasks, all the power to you. However it never hurts to do a little split testing as you the results might just surprise you!

There was also an infographic that was released that went into some specifics on the best areas for you to split test when building ad campaigns.

The following areas are what most companies are focusing on when it comes to split testing and improving areas on their sites.

  • Split Testing Call to Action Text to Improve Conversions image Fotolia 58485 XS 300x240Split Testing Call to Action Text to Improve Conversions72% test call to action buttons
  • 71% test page layout
  • 65% test navigation
  • 63% test copy
  • 49% test promotions and offers
  • 49% test the checkout process
  • 43% test imagery
  • 34% test the product and selection process
  • 13% test security fields

As you can see, the “call to action buttons” are right at the top of everyone’s list.

In addition to changing around your text wording, also be sure to play around with colors and sizing as well.

Hopefully these tips will allow you to start split testing your ad campaigns and bring in even higher earnings on future ads!

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