Sony’s Xperia Z Ultra May Be THE Phablet for the Enterprise

    By Iain Pemberton | Small Business

    Sony just introduced a new smartphone with what it claims is the world’s largest full HD touchscreen display – a huge 6.4 inches. But will this device, which blurs the line between a phone and a tablet, be a great choice for individuals looking to work on the move?

    Sonys Xperia Z Ultra May Be THE Phablet for the Enterprise image Sony Xperia Z Ultra Black Campaign 2 smallSonys Xperia Z Ultra May Be THE Phablet for the Enterprise

    It’s no secret that mobility and strategies such as bring your own device (BYOD) are major trends right now. But for many companies, they have to choose between the larger screen of a tablet and the communication and portability bonuses offered by smaller smartphones. Therefore, hybrid ‘phablet’ devices such as the Xperia Z Ultra could be a great choice for workers who want the best of both worlds.

    Several reviewers have tested out the device and some have highlighted features that could be particularly handy for enterprise workers, especially those using unified communications.

    The high performance of the handset’s Snapdragon 800 processor was praised by several publications, which could be essential for businesses that need to multitask and run power-intensive applications on the move.

    CNET noted the Xperia Z Ultra is “blazing fast”, while the Inquirer added: “The handset seemed impressively quick and smooth, with apps firing open almost instantly.”

    For those that need to keep in touch, the ability to videoconference via the device is set to be a key consideration. The Xperia Z Ultra’s 1920 x 1080p display – which was described as “sharp and bright” by Engadget – can help with this, with IT Pro highlighting the X-Reality engine that can improve low-resolution videos in real-time as another great feature

    For its front-facing camera, Sony uses its own 2 megapixel back-illuminated Exmor R, which it claims is twice as sensitive as normal front-illuminated sensors. Therefore, workers needing to keep in touch with colleagues can be confident they’ll be able to enjoy the highest-quality video chats. And any worries about poor connection quality when using internet communications may be soothed by its fast 4G LTE capabilities.

    Sony has stated that the Xperia Z Ultra is “built for business” thanks to the responsiveness of the screen and advanced handwriting recognition that’s compatible with a range of styluses or a standard pencil.

    CNET concluded that Sony has set a “very high benchmark” with the Xperia Z Ultra, so it is likely that workers looking for a high-performance device to use as part of their firm’s BYOD strategy will have to consider the gadget very closely.

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