Sony Sold Over 1 Million Playstation 4 Consoles In A 24 Hour Period

    By Steven Estep | Small Business

    Sony Sold Over 1 Million Playstation 4 Consoles In A 24 Hour Period image Playstation 4 610x250Sony Sold Over 1 Million Playstation 4 Consoles In A 24 Hour Period

    Sony having massive success with the Playstation 4.

    Sony is enjoying the success they’re having with the Playstation 4. The company recently made an announcement that they’ve sold over 1 million units in a 24 hour period.

    The Playstation 4 was released in both the USA and Canada on Friday, November 15th. In other words, these are some pretty impressive numbers considering that the PS4 has only been released in two countries so far.

    We are thrilled that consumer reaction has been so phenomenal. Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on November 29. – Andrew House, President and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment

    With such a successful launch the Playstation 4 has become Sony’s fastest selling console to date. The quickness of North American sales for the Playstation 4 has surpassed how quickly the Playstation 2 sold in Japan, which was the previous fastest selling console for Sony.

    The Playstation 4 is set to go on sale in Europe in less than two weeks, so the Playstation 4 is likely going to dominate there, as well. Also, the Xbox One is set to be released on November 22nd, so there’s going to be some more competition coming out for Sony. It will be interesting to see who will win this generation of console wars.

    PS4 has sold through over 1 million units within 24 hours of the launch in North America!!! icon biggrin Sony Sold Over 1 Million Playstation 4 Consoles in a 24 Hour Period

    — Shuhei Yoshida (@yosp) November 17, 2013

    Sony facing hardware issues with the Playstation 4 (blue light of death)

    The launch of the Playstation 4 console has been a major success for Sony, but there have been some problems that the company is going to have to face with the recent launch of the Playstation 4.

    This problem has been dubbed the “blue right of death” and has affected some consoles, leaving users with a console that was dead on arrival.

    This isn’t a huge problem that’s affecting a ton of people, but it has affected multiple people. As a matter of fact, if you go on Amazon, you’ll see that there are numerous one star ratings and reviews for the Playstation 4 system. The majority of these are coming from people who received a system that’s suffering from the blue light of death.

    So far, Sony has said that this is a problem that’s only affecting less than 1% of Playstation 4 owners.

    Luckily, my console wasn’t dead on arrival, but I can only imagine how some people are feeling that received one of the defunct units.

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