Solving Duplicate Content On Your Franchisee Websites

If you are a franchisor and have multiple franchise websites there is a big possibility that there is duplicate content across your franchisee websites.

We Can’t Help It but We Really Want To.

Recent updates to search engine algorithms have been cracking down on duplicate content. But just how much content can be the same across your franchisee websites?

The reality is that there is going to be duplicate content on your franchisees websites. There is no way around that, especially if your franchise networks’ numbers are in the hundreds.

Finding a clear and concise solution to solving the duplicate content issue can be time consuming and writing original and fresh content for a large number of websites is simply exhausting.

And who really has time to manage franchisee content across a large number of websites? If you want your franchisees websites in search results you need to address duplicate content.

In a recent Matt Cutts video he points out that:

You should be focusing on content that is high quality and provides real value to the user.

A Numbers Game

So let’s talk numbers. Just how much duplicate content can you share across multiple sites? While there isn’t a magic number that says 35% duplication is ok and 36% is not, keep in mind that a search engine’s algorithm is private and constantly changing.

Using good sense as a guide and keeping in mind that your websites content should provide value to users is the way to go.

These are a few pointers that can help you beat the duplicate content monster across your franchisee websites.

  • Scan your franchisee websites for duplicate content

Read this article from Empowerkit that provides useful resources for identifying duplicate content)

  • Create a content calendar with your franchisees

Establishing a close communication with your franchisees is very important so that they can be involved in the content creation process. Afterall local is the name of the game in franchises and they could help with geo targeted localized content.

  • Provide customizable templates

Setting up content templates is an easy way to make your content development scaleable. Set up a content template that your franchisees can easily edit so that they can add in unique content.

  • Images and videos are content too

While many don’t think of images and videos as content, search engines are smart enough to identify both as content. So have your franchisees include them on their websites.

Focusing on unique and fresh content on your franchise websites is a must! Keep in mind the tips outlined above and you will increase the chances that your franchisee websites will be found in search results and increase conversion opportunities.

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