When Software Leads To Software Replacing People

    By Lawrence Anderson | Small Business

    Qualifying software leads is not always the end of all your problems. In fact, it could even be the start of them when doing business with you means some people in a certain establishment will be replaced by mere tech. People had these fears long before computers (all the way back to the industrial revolution in fact) but they have lived on even today and even in industries like medical software.

    Keeping Your Software Leads Without Kicking Out The People

    First off, there have been sad cases where human labor gets replaced by more efficient technology. It is just the way innovation works at times and is the reason why you are looking for software leads. Many practices and medical establishments are considering saving up on costs and reducing delays. If that results in the possibility of cutting some people out of their jobs, it feels like a necessary evil.

    Still, is there a way to generate your software leads without resorting to any sort of evil at all?

    There can be if you are willing to make the most out of your scheduled software appointments and be a sort of ambassador between those who value their manual labor and those advocating the advancement of technology. Apply the following when qualifying your software leads:

    • When Software Leads To Software Replacing People image homer robotSoftware LeadsDiscourage prospects from the notion – Usually it is not just software companies who give the whole machine replacing man impression. It also includes the decision makers you have specified when you were defining your software leads. These are people in a position of authority of acquiring your software but make sure that same authority does not instantly lead to planned lay-offs.
    • Give people other doable tasks – When it just seems so evident that your software will take away certain tasks, you can add more value to your software leads by improving the use of your software. And seeing as meaningful use is of major importance to many medical practices, you may actually be required to!
    • New technology, same values – Finally, despite the newness of advanced medical software, the values driving their development and should remain the same. You generate software leads, not for the sake of replacing anyone but for just doing your part in helping practices better their relations with patients.

    Your sales lead generation strategy does not need to constantly cite conveniences and advantages which indirectly rob people of their means to earn a living. Rather, you should qualify your software leads with the intention to only improve those same people with your technology.

    When Software Leads To Software Replacing People image ERP14ERP

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