Software Leads From Prospects Who Are Not Into Mainstream

One popular obstacle to acquiring software leads in today’s CRM software market is the mere existence of major tech giants. It is like entering the smartphone war knowing that Apple is around or making a search engine when everyone is going to Google. It seems like the only hope of getting software leads is by being some obscure alternative to mainstream solutions.

Why These Software Leads Exist And Why They Must Be Approached With Care

Software Leads From Prospects Who Are Not Into Mainstream image a full smile is too mainstream by jivy12 d4rumbp largeSoftware LeadsThere is actually nothing wrong with finding software leads like this advantageous. Popular brands in any industry can sometimes be so large and global, they have to intimidate somebody. That somebody could be the key to saving your lead generation campaign. After all, if you have absolutely no software leads whatsoever, that could spell big trouble for sales. No sales means you really have nothing to keep your business going.

On the other hand, that does not mean these software leads are perfect. They have certain treats that need to be looked over real carefully before you can qualify them:

  • Their budget is a small as their understanding – Some of these software leads could have budgets that are not only small, the scope of their understanding is of a matching size. You have to make sure that you do not take advantage of that. As you qualify these software leads, use it as a chance to teach them what things like CRM software is really about. Besides, maybe their small budget could actually be enough for the simpler things they only wanted “CRM software” to do. You do not necessarily have to market an entire package.
  • They might be a little too hipster – It is not always good to feed people’s aversion to what is popular or mainstream. While there are software leads who are looking for a different experience, can you guarantee that? More importantly, is it even a good idea? Maybe you are just offering the same thing only cheaper. Maybe the expectations written down in these CRM software leads even defy common sense! Innovation may be a virtue in IT but do not underestimate the crazy CRM demands you will get from those desperate to be ‘original’ in their approach to their own customers.
  • They might actually want the same thing, only cheaper – You can argue that this is more realistic but still, think twice. No matter how many software leads you need, none are enough to justify cutting critical corners to make yourself cheaper. Qualifying these software leads will eventually come to a point where tell them that they will get what they pay for. Fortunately, you citing a price advantage still gives you more appeal to those who are willing to go for cheaper CRM software solutions during hard times.

Finding software leads among those seeking alternatives can make you feel like you are staying away from the mainstream yourself. That feeling can be a double-edged sword. You have to make sure that you are not easily caught up in it or take too much pride in being not well-known or cheap. Even cheap or unusual software sales leads can spell more trouble than they are worth.

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