Software Leads – Private Eyes Who Need Your Magnifying Glass

If your medical software was like a magnifying glass, your software leads are the iconic private eyes who use them. How are medical professionals like crime-fiction detectives? Easy, they are also mystery solvers. So when looking for another trait to identify software leads, maybe you should also be on the look out for any mysteries to solve.

Generate Software Leads From The Data Needs Of Doctors

Software Leads – Private Eyes Who Need Your Magnifying Glass image 3111761 420613 retro private eye detective searching for clues by investigating a suspected crime scene wall with a magnifying looking glassSoftware LeadsBefore you generate leads, you always have to look for problems. These are not necessarily problems you have to specifically fix via software but they could be problems where your software can still play an integral role. To illustrate, imagine your software leads are doctors who are currently following a peculiar string of outbreaks. The know this not just from the patients themselves but from their EMR.

On the other hand, this in turn can connect it with the growing problem of medical records which is the very same problem that EMR and other medical software vendors wish to remedy. That already qualifies them as possible software leads. Then again, why stop there? You should only keep on digging deeper into helping them get more from the data. What better way to qualify your software leads than to also your lead generation process to improve a software solution?

The following list is another short illustration on how you can present your EMR solution as their assistant in finding the clues to solve the mystery:

  • Search – Marketing a convenient feature is one classic way to attract software leads. What good is a database of medical records when you still force your prospect to search them one by one? In fact, would you not want the same when searching your own database for certain medical software leads?
  • Organization – Another obvious need is being able to organize the records. The entire industry of business IT makes it a goal to minimize the use of paper and traditional file cabinets when storing information. That is yet another place where your software leads were coming from. When looking for clues, organizing them naturally makes it easier to see where they fit together.
  • Ease-of-use – While many EMR vendors encourage meaningful use, there are some who also forget the importance of easy use among their own customers. Doctors are busy people. Your software leads are found among those who want to be less of that, not so they will have more time to play golf, but to devote themselves better to patients.

Remember, the above illustration is only short. Who knows what other features your prospects would appreciate but you will not know unless you start looking (and keep looking) for software leads. So what are you waiting for? Get your appointment setting services on the way and get those private eyes their magnifying glasses!

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