Software Appointments Are Not The Only Dates To Worry About

Software appointments are not just supposed to be a short-term success. They have long term implications as well. And when it comes to long-term business relationships, even something like punctuality is a big deal. Many in the field of SCM can certainly attest to the importance of a date beyond just those scheduled in software appointments. They also have deadlines to worry about!

Software Appointments And Deadlines Have A Common Critical Element

Software Appointments Are Not The Only Dates To Worry About image iStock 000010305625XSmall Deadline1Software AppointmentsIf you want an example of how software appointments are not the only dates you have to worry about, read this brief excerpt from the Chicago Tribune:

Last year, Congress banned revealing body images in airport security screenings, and the scanner’s manufacturer couldn’t meet a deadline to upgrade its technology to abide by the new standards.

So as you can see, there were no software appointments being made but a business still lost a customer because it failed to meet the deadline. Do you want the same happening to you? By themselves, software appointments for your SCM technology are hard enough to generate. Having your sales representative be on time will only set up your business with more expectations regarding your punctuality in everything.

Aside from simply upgrading your technology, there are several other possible cases where you will be given a deadline in terms of your software. Coincidentally, these are likely to come up right after you make sales out of your software appointments:

  • Implementation completion – Successful software appointments likely involve discussion of deadlines on when implementation can be completed. Even today, many features of enterprise systems (like SCM) still take a while to fully set up. Despite the sale of a software appointment, failed projects obviously lead to unhappy customers which in turn is bad for business.
  • Sudden repairs – Regardless of circumstances, you do not just stop engaging with a prospect after your SCM software appointments resulted in sales. Problems can still arise even after the implementation period. You can promise to fix them using the same tools you used in setting software appointments but you still have a deadline too meet!

When it comes to being on time, getting a lot of software appointments are not the only things you have to concern yourself with. Once those software appointments result in work, be stern with yourself that long-term deadlines will soon follow! Punctuality goes beyond software appointment setting!

Software Appointments Are Not The Only Dates To Worry About image ERP16ERP

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