Social Tequila Throw Down: Milagro vs. Sauza

We’ve all heard the saying: “One tequila, two tequila, three tequila…floor.” Luckily for all involved, we are keeping the digital boundaries in tact as we analyze these two tequila brands – in other words, we aren’t hitting the floor until after this is written.

Tequila brands, along with the rest of the alcohol industry, face a more complex digital marketing strategy than many others online. Not only do they have all of the typical metrics – such as social ROI – to consider, but they must find success in the midst of age boundaries and restrictions.

Taking into consideration that a large portion of people on social networks are under the age of 21, alcohol brands have to be strategic in reaching the right audience. Facebook is an excellent network for this purpose: its targeting options are expansive and incredibly specific.

With over one billion users, Facebook presents the largest social media marketing opportunity for those within the alcohol industry. In this study, we will examine the Facebook presence of two tequila brands: Milagro and Sauza – looking at their level of social optimization and content quality.

Facebook Face-off: Milagro vs. Sauza*

Round One: The Basics

On Facebook, we consider the basics to be the “about” description, links, profile image and cover photo. These are the foundation of an optimized presence, and determine future success on the network. The text and links included, for example, play a part in overall SEO efforts – especially now, with the Facebook Graph Search indexing keywords and hashtags.

Milagro Tequila has a little over 28,000 likes and a simple profile picture: the Milagro bottle that creatively extends into the cover photo. Described succinctly as “Tequila, Evolved,” the brand delves a little deeper in the company overview. Along with the text information, Milagro’s linking and timeline history has definite room for improvement.

A seemingly more well-known brand, Sauza Tequila has nearly 319,000 likes. The brands profile picture is their basic logo, with the latest promo for margaritas with a lifeguard as the cover image. Their profile description explains it, saying: “If you loved our Fireman last year, check out The Sauza Lifeguard!” We applaud their Twitter plug in the main information; however, they are missing out on SEO opportunities by not actually linking to their other social profiles on the network.

Sauza takes round one.

Social Tequila Throw Down: Milagro vs. Sauza image fb basics face offSocial Tequila Throw Down: Milagro vs. Sauza

Round Two: Content

Facebook content is critical – it draws in users and engages fans. Successful content can even be turned into ads on the network by way of promoted posts to further your reach. Metrics used to determine content success include “likes,” shares, comments and click-throughs. Of course, this is largely dependent upon your fan size – meaning Sauza has the advantage in this round.

As shown below, both of the tequila brands effectively demonstrate drinks and recipes that incorporate their alcohol. Milagro and Sauza make use of the tagging and linking features on the network as well, incorporating them into the creative post text. The majority of their images are high-quality. Although Sauza seems to be more active in responding to comments, the rest of this analysis is even enough to make round two a tie.

Social Tequila Throw Down: Milagro vs. Sauza image tequila content face offSocial Tequila Throw Down: Milagro vs. Sauza

Although it was a close fight in content – resulting in a tie – Sauza ultimately wins the Facebook face-off. Their profile is more correctly optimized for search and social benefits, whereas Milagro still has improvements to make before seeing growth on the network.

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*No tequila was consumed in the making of this article and taste was not a factor.

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