Your Social Team is the Face of Your Business – Keep Them Motivated

    By Matthew Brennan | Small Business

    Social media managers are a relatively new concept within the marketing department, and not every business may know what makes this position tick. It’s important for the good of the business and the marketing plan to keep them motivated, because they can play a crucial part in digital marketing success. This is the department that will be in charge of generating visibility for your business.

    With that in mind, here are four tips to keep your social media managers motivated:

    Figure Out Where Your Audience Spends Time Online

    There’s lots of research and examples quick to point out the billions of people using Facebook. But that doesn’t really narrow down where your business’s audience is.

    Make sure that you have an understanding of where specifically your audience spends time online. If you’re in a strong B2B industry, there may be Twitter chats, LinkedIn Groups, or Google Plus communities that are shaping the conversation around your industry. That’s an important discussion for your company to take part in. See if you can figure out where the conversation is taking place. Make sure that your social media team understands the importance of joining the existing conversation.

    Actively studying and understanding where your audience spends time online can help prevent your social media team from spreading time and resources too thin.

    Creating A Strategy And Actionable Goals

    Social media can be the greatest asset to your marketing strategy, or the largest time suck. It all depends on the strategy that your business put in place, and what you are doing in order to meet actionable goals.

    This can mean different things to different businesses. Just make sure the strategies and goals are specific. Don’t just say, “You want to use social media to make more money.” Instead, maybe you’re looking to use social to expand your sales funnel, so you need to be actively drawing Facebook fans and Twitter followers back to your website for the purchase. This will give your social media managers more to work with.

    Encourage Creativity

    If there’s one thing that online consumers have no patience for, it’s a commercial. Your social media presence needs to be fresh and creative. People need to understand what will make you different than the dozens or hundreds of other companies out there doing nearly the same thing. Give your social media managers the authority to develop and run a strategy, but you may want to encourage all company employees to post.

    This gives your business a more personal feel. Your company message is going to sound different coming from an employee in the accounting department than it will from someone likely to put a PR spin on it. That authenticity will go a long way in the online world.

    Feel free to get creative with the content that your business posts. It’s good to add a little personality. That way you’re not just regurgitating the same industry tips that have been posted all over the place. Add something new to the mix.

    Allow Some Workplace Flexibility

    Your social media team may not need to be in the office all the time. Like anyone else, they have responsibilities outside the office. You may want to extend them some flexibility with their hours, or let them occasionally work from home in order to avoid things like terrible traffic. According to InterCall’s infographic, the average American spends 38 hours stuck in traffic every week and even more if you’re in a major urban area. Make sure that’s not downtime for your business.

    Allowing your social media managers to adjust their schedule to avoid traffic or the flexibility to occasionally work from home can be just the job perk to keep them happy and productive in the long run. Video conferencing and other social media tools can make it easier than ever to work from any remote location.

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